Previous Projects

These are some of the projects that our principals have helped bring to market

Samsung Origen Low Cost Board

Neo FreeRunner   Akkea consultants working with Linaro help develop Ubuntu and Android for the Origen board.


Openmoko Freerunner

Neo FreeRunner   Akkea consultants developed and integrated the Om2009 Distribution of this opensource cell phone.

Keralase International Laser Hair Removal

   A fully portable table top laser hair removal system. One of our principals wrote the software that controls the safety, guidance and cooling of this powerful 60 watt laser.


Tactical Internet Firewall

MeshNet Cnet GDC   We came in during the final phases of this project to help integrate the software for the various SBC's

An article about the Firewall can be found on CNet.
(Photo Credits: US Army images. General Dynamics via CNet)

Mediation Technology Corp Metago

   An Internet/ethernet Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) for Telco point of presence applications.


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